Oct. 17th Outstanding Student Athlete: South Bend's Andy & Jacob Timmons


Wherever one brother goes, the other is never very far behind.

Twin brothers Andy and Jacob Timmons, both seniors on the South Bend Adams cross country team, are two of the top distance runners in the state.

"It's not easy racing against each other," admits Andy Timmons. "Because both of us wants to beat the other one."

Twin brother Jacob concurs. "It's a lot of hard work beating him. He's always my toughest opponent."

"We probably wouldn't be as good as we are now if we didn't have the drive to beat each other", Andy says.

And they are very good. The brothers finished 1-2 in the sectional meet earlier this week, with a slight twist. Andy beat Jacob for the first time this season.

"This is the first time where we've actually raced that I've beaten my brother (this season)", Andy said after the sectional victory. Jacob, who finished in second, has no regrets. "We're not (saying) 'Oh, this is why I didn't beat you.' No excuses. What happens, happens. We know we're both out there doing our best."

That is usually good enough for a victory. The twins are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the semi-state, which means they're virtually a lock to race for the state title in a few weeks. Getting there isn't a problem. Beating the other one there? That's another story.

"If I beat him (in regionals), I'll be happy", Jacob jokes. "If not, I'll be a very unhappy person."

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