JCS Fireplace & Stone, Inc.


About JCS Fireplace

JCS personally handles every aspect of your fireplace or stove from the point of sale through the framing, installation and final masonry application. JCS also covers all warranty and service issues for the products we sell. We strive to be professional in every aspect of the installation of your new fireplace, stove etc.

JCS Fireplace, Inc. started in 1996 as an independent and family-run business. Our goal has always been to sell quality products and maintain quality craftsmanship from start to finish for all of our customers.

We have full confidence in our ability to help guide customers to complete satisfaction whether it be the performance of the product or the final appearance of the fireplace.

We always strive to provide quality as well as value in the products we sell. Our installations are performed in a professional manner with experience and knowledge of the products we offer. As shown in our fireplace photos, uniqueness has been one of our paths to our success.

Taking time to educate our customers provides knowledge for them to make the best choice of a fireplace to fit their lifestyle.

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Phone Number Elkhart: 574-522-1660
Phone Number Mishawaka: 574-855-1046
Address: 13308 McKinley Hwy, Mishawaka, IN 46545