Coaching with Kerry: Finding balance between work and life


Do you ever have those days where you hate your job or wonder why you went into your field?

Or you finally have the spouse, the kids, the house - everything you wanted but struggle with stress and resentment?

WSBT 22’s Life Coach Kerry Geocaris brings in her husband Brad Bordini. He is a therapist and recently experienced this. He says it's not the job or the situation, but how you look at it.

"What people actually hate is the stress that they're experiencing and they misperceive that it's the actual job, that, you know they made a mistake, they shouldn't have gone into this career. But the reality is, if they decrease a lot of their stress, then their passions come back,” said Brad.

For example, Brad sees back to back patients and is going from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. with work, kids, and responsibilities.

Sounds familiar to many of us, right?

Brad is joining Kerry in their next signature transformation course. They'll show you how to go from burnout to balance.

Right now, you can get a free custom coaching video from them by filling out their assessment:

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