Eye on Health: Official says yearly doctor visits could benefit your health and finances


Visiting your doctor may not be on the top of your to-do list but making a yearly appointment may be beneficial.

WSBT 22 spoke with a primary care physician who said it won't only help your health, but your wallet too.

From getting active, to saving money, the new year holds endless possibilities.

But if you can't remember the last time you saw your primary care physician, you'll want to add that to your list of resolutions.

Studies have shown that seeing a doctor regularly does decrease morbidity and mortality.

Sounds pretty simple right? See your doctor and living longer.

Many American's aren't taking that advice.

According to a CBS News report, many families are skipping medical care, but local Physician Bethany Perrin urges you to think twice.

“Even if you are an overall healthy person and you don't have chronic medical conditions, it helps to just stay up-to-date with all of the preventative measures and all of the screenings you should have. Whether that be vaccines or labs get your yearly pap, your yearly mammogram if that is indicated and it also helps to let your doctor know kind of who you are as a person,” said Perrin.

Perrin suggests a simple yearly physical exam to check your overall health and then your doctor can determine if anything else needed.

“There are things that can show up that may be asymptomatic to you the patient.“

It's those silent symptoms that can put you at risk.

“I had a patient, she was in her mid 30's and hadn't seen a doctor in about five years. She was a little bit overweight so had decided to do some screening blood work and we found out that she had diabetes.” said Perrin.

Luckily her diagnosis was caught early which Perrin says will not only help her health but will lower her costs in the long run.

“Studies have shown that seeing a doctor regularly does decrease morbidity and mortality. It also helps costs if things are caught early on as opposed to later when they do become symptomatic and now all of a sudden we are trying to chase a problem rather than staying on top of it.” said Perrin.

So add, taking better care of yourself to your to-list and catch up with your doctor this year.

Perrin says many different diseases and medical conditions are on the rise so if you have a family history of concerns, it's best to get checked now.

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