Eye on Health: Weight loss using medically managed care

Eye on Health

This is a tough time of year for people who are trying to get or stay in shape.

The constant bombardment of sweets can take a toll, sometimes to the point of needing medical help.

That's why Goshen Health has its Center for Weight Reduction. People there go through medically managed weight loss.

This is not your typical gym full of machine after machine, literally tons of free weights and pumping music. This is medically managed care.

It's where Larry Winslow decided to make the biggest change of his adult life.

"The only regret I have is I didn't do it sooner,” he said.

Winslow tried for years to exercise and diet the weight off but wasn't successful. That's when he entered this medically managed weight loss program and decided it was time for the sleeve surgery.

“I've been fighting diabetes since 2009. My next step was going to be on insulin. I was not about to do that,” Winslow said.

With the combination of this surgery, changing his eating habits and regularly exercising-- Larry says he's lost 50 to 55 pounds.

The Center for Weight Reduction approach is multi-pronged with doctors, nurses, trainers and dieticians like Ally Mast.

"Successful weight loss and weight management is about everything, not just working out. You can't outwork a bad diet. Everyone is so different we can individualize it. We have a lot of medical background so we can help with that, too,” said Mast.

Mast is a believer in indulging smartly. She says pick one thing that really looks good you really want to try and have that, rather than trying a little of everything.

Mast believes you should never cut yourself from all of the things you love because that makes the cravings worse.

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