Parents concerned about future of IUSB day care center


Some non-traditional students at IUSB are extremely worried about the future of the day care center on campus. The center is losing money and the school may have to close it.

The child development center has been in the red for almost ten years. Last year alone, it lost $140,000. IUSB absorbed this loss, but a school spokesperson says they can't continue supporting a business that has a deficit. So for now. There are two options on the table: outsourcing the center or closing it. But a couple parents WSBT spoke to say they don't want to see either of those things happen.

While Lois Kassem, an IUSB student, is studying hard in class, her two young daughters are also on campus at the child development center.

But the days of this center may be numbered.

"[It's] really sad," Kassem said.

An IUSB spokesperson says the center has been operating at a deficit for years, losing tens of thousands of dollars and the school can no longer afford to keep it open.

"I'm mad at IUSB and I'm disappointed and love the workers," Kassem said.

This day care center may close unless IUSB finds a local vendor to manage and operate it. But the idea of outsourcing also doesn't sit well with Kassem and other parents. They met Thursday to share their concerns.

"Another thing are they gonna have just ya know students off the street come in and babysit our children or are they gonna have degrees, are they gonna be the same workers. Half the workers in there are workers that have been there over ten years," Kassem said.

Stephanie Yavorksy's five-year-old son goes to the center. She doesn't want to see the staff change.

"They're an extension of our family," Yavorksy said.

She also feels snubbed by school administrators.

"I understand they're trying to bring in more of the traditional student and that's great but we're the people that are gonna stay in this community, we're not leaving, our kids are here, our lives are here so it feels like a slap in the face," Yavorsky said.

IUSB says it's open to new ideas. And these parents did some brainstorming.

"Bringing my child's lunch in, providing supplies," Yavorsky said. "I would bring in toilet paper if I had to."

They would do anything to keep the doors of this center open."

An IUSB spokesperson says the school has already requested proposals from outside vendors. Those proposals are due May 1st. But there's no definite timeline as to when administrators will make a decision on the future of the day care center.

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