MARKET BASKET MINUTE: Downtown Mishawaka


4. jennifer: changes are coming to downtown mishawaka. and south bend tribune columnist heidi prescott is here to fill us in on the openings and closings. heidi, what's the activity about at the ironworks building near beutter park? heidi: hi jennifer. a tenant is getting ready to move in, but it's not a restaurant. the first floor was designed for a gastropub. but the project fell through -- and the space has sat empty for seven years. so the developer finally decided -- let's make it office space -- and it leased right away. a legal office is moving in after the first of the year. jennifer: it'll be great to see that building completely filled. moving over to the 100 center... what can you tell us about the restaurant under construction? heidi: signage is up for carlucci's pizzeria. the restaurant's inside the old center street pub -- which closed earlier this year. it's a freestanding building by the 100 center high rise. carlucci's will offer pizza and sandwiches. but there's no word yet on the opening. jennifer: you and i know there's always room for more pizza. we hear that a store called backyards is closing. what happened? heidi: the owners have decided to close the brick and mortar store -- by the end of the year. they actually came out of retirement in 2008 to sell outdoorsy items on lincolnway -- and survived the recession. but they'll still have an online store -- at ebay and amazon -- under the name "indian backyards." -- and jennifer -- there's even more retail news i'm firming up today from mishawaka. this is something completely new for downtown. jennifer: we can't wait to hear what it is. heidi will have an online update in her "weekl retail report" tomorrow -- and in sunday's column in the south bend tribune and

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