at 4. jennifer: a new locally owned restaurant is just about ready to open in downtown south bend. and south bend tribune columnist heidi prescott got a "sneak peek. hi heidi -- diners have been waiting a long time for tapastrie. why the wait? heidi: hi jennifer. if you've ever finished a basement, renovated a kitchen -- you know that construction timelines are a moving target. and that's the case with tapastrie. but it's finally opening next week. it's inside the old vine building at the corner of michigan and colfax, next to the morris and palais royale. the owners had a lot of work to do inside. partition walls were removed -- so it feels bigger. special window and wall treatments make it so voices don't echo any more. and they spent months building the floor with reclaimed wood from the studebaker factory. jennifer: so tapastrie contains some real south bend history. what about the menu? it's mediterranean, so that must mean tapas. heidi: that's right. the menu has two parts -- tapas, and wine. tapas are small plates, like appetizers. they can be eaten by one diner or order several and share with a group. we tried the blistered shi- shito peppers-- wonderful. and we tasted orange caramel flan-- amazing. tapastrie also offers a self- service wine bar. if you like wine tastings, you'll want to check this out. diners buy a pre-loaded wine card-- and that activates the machine. and then you can sample away -- there are 24 wines on tap. jennifer: thanks, heidi. as always, you can read the latest in restaurant and retail news in heidi's column on wednesdays and sundays in the south bend tribune and at southbendtribun e-dot-com. trending now

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