Market Basket: more details on Cops & Doughnuts


South Bend lost a beloved bakery in February when Dainty Maid closed after 88 years in business.

But as we first told you a couple weeks ago... loyal customers are excited that the bakery will reopen with new owners.

Market Basket columnist Lincoln Wright is here with more on what we can expect.

Lincoln... tell us about the new owners.

- Cops & Doughnuts

- Clare, Mich.

- Dainty Maid Precinct

- Opens mid August

And cops & Doughnuts actually looks for bakeries that have a history like Dainty Maid?

- Started saving local bakery

- 1896

- Dainty Maid fourth location

- All bakeries have history

But with new owners, how much of the original Dainty Maid will we see?

- 20 signature doughnuts

- Sale includes recipes

- Feedback from community

- Head baker working with them

- Employees & customers excited about this

It is great to hear Dainty Maid's legacy will be carried on, thanks Lincoln.

As always... you can find even more Market Basket news on Wednesdays and Sundays in the South Bend Tribune and at SouthBendTribune-dot-com.

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