Moms First: How does screen time impact teenagers?

Moms First: How does screen time impact teenagers? // WSBT 22 Photo

In today's world teens and technology go hand in hand.

Recently a doctor looked at the impact that screen time has on our kids.

Growing up in the digital age can be tough for kids and parents.

An award winning documentary called "Screenagers" is airing here locally.

The film dives in deep to examine what exactly all this screen time is doing to our kids and how we can help as parents.

"In a world filled with gadgets, games, and social media managing tech time for kids has become a real struggle for families. Girls are more social, on average they spend about an hour and a half to two hours a day on social media... what it does to their perception of self," said Donna Pangburn.

Pangburn, a parenting support specialist in South Bend, is hosting a screening open to the public of the award winning documentary called "Screenagers."

"It was put together by a medical doctor and she wanted to know the effects of screen time for her daughter and son and decided she needed a lot more information," said Pangburn.

Among the topics that are discussed in the documentary are struggles over social media and the impact of violent video games.

"They were originally created for the military and so it’s a matter of desensitizing so I think there is an impact if you’re spending a lot of time gaming," said Pangburn. "Not that gaming is bad, but monitoring the amount of time and types of games."

Donna says parents need to make it a priority to stay involved like creating a contract that details allowed time and expectations of your child while using the device.

"One of the best tips in the documentary is to have a contract you and the entire family to say where do we stand as a family in all of this connectedness," said Pangburn.

The tickets are $10 for the documentary this Thursday at Clay High School in South Bend at 6:30 p.m.

It's about an hour and then a question and answer session will be held afterwards.

Tickets for the movie can be found here. Click "find a screening."

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