Moms First: Local business lets family and friends gather to create personalized projects

Board and Brush in Mishawaka // WSBT 22 photo

A mother and daughter recently teamed up to start a new local business that mixes fun, art and crafts.

It's called Board and Brush in Mishawaka. It's a fun way to gather with family and friends and create your own one of a kind masterpiece.

Board and Brush in Mishawaka opened about a month ago by a mother daughter duo who wanted to provide a warm and welcoming place for friends and families to be creative.

"The people that work here are very intentional with people that come in and all so creative and fun, and they like to talk and energetic," said Kayla. "It just makes a really fun atmosphere."

In this studio, anyone can create their personalized DIY project, and no skills are needed.

“You start out with raw wood," said Kayla. "You do all the sanding and distressing and you get the wood prepared for what you want your sign to look like. You're able to stain it whatever color you want and then you have stencil that's pre-made for you. You can personalize the stencil you can add the name or a date.”

Board and Brush provides all the materials, drinks, but you bring the creativity. Kids signs are $25 and regular signs are $65.

For more information, click here.

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