Moms First: Crown On event hopes to empower people through art


On Tuesday, women will gather in South Bend to participate in what's called the Crown on series by local artist Anna Drew.

This event hopes to empower women through art.

Artist Anna Drew says the crown is a symbol of reclaiming your strength, truth and acceptance of your self-worth.

Drew is hosting a series where women and men can come and create their own crown in studio.

"Maya Angelou says your crown has been bought and paid for you just need to wear it on your head," said Drew.

Anna says the crown is a symbol of empowerment and courage.

"Things happen to people and experiences are difficult and then they lose their crown. And it tilts its things happen. So I feel like through my work I can help them reclaim their story and they have always had it. It’s just a matter of wearing it," said Drew.

Anna says it’s a fun night of mingling, drinks, but also painting away all the negativity

"There's so much shame for women and men and I feel this momentum and it’s not really political. It’s more like I'm going to speak my truth and whether you believe it or not it’s enough," said Drew.

For Anna she hopes to share her talents with the community while making a positive change one stroke at a time.

"There's a need I think a want for enrichment, experiences really where you can bring your being and grow,” said Drew.

Anna says she's had such positive feedback she will be doing monthly crown events.

The next one is November 8 and Anna says she will not turn away any women because they can't afford ticket price.

For more information on the Crown series, click here.

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