Moms First: New herb shop hopes to bring herbal healing to Michiana

Moms First // WSBT 22

More than 80-percent of people around the world use herbal remedies.

That's according to the "World Health Organization."

More and more mainstream medicine seems to be opening the door to alternative therapies.

Herbal medicine dates back thousands of years when the Chinese used it to treat injuries and illnesses.

A new herb shoppe recently opened in Granger and they are hoping to bring herbal healing here to Michiana.

"There are a herb for pretty much every different ailment." said Lee Wellard.

Wellard, master herbalist, recently opened the American Herb Shoppe in Granger hoping to help others like his wife was helped.

“My wife got sick and she had severe insomnia,” said Wellard. "It was a simple herb that helped her. I wasn't studying herbs at the time. Within three days of her taking that simple herb she was back to sleeping eight hours a night it that inspired me."

Herbal medicine uses plants, seeds, berries, roots, bark or flowers for medicinal purposes.

"You will find that many of our herbs here they have had thousands if not hundreds clinical studies done on each herb, clinical studies validated by the science community," said Wellard.

Wellard says herbs are generally safe.

"From the last report from the poison control center we have zero deaths from herbal remedies from the whole country and with 60 billion supplements consumed. As a whole its very safe, but we still need to exercise caution when necessary," said Wellard.

Wellard believes that herbs, when used with a good lifestyle, can produce great results.

"We pay for health in one of two ways in education or medication. The more we become educating, the more we can take charge of his health and avoid a lot of diseases people are succumbing to today," said Wellard.

Because herbs are unregulated, experts recommend that you check with your doctor before taking them.

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