Moms First: Nonprofit group lets no food go to waste


Thousands of pounds of food is wasted in our area each week. But a local not-for-profit organization is turning that food into frozen meals for those in need.

"We are here to help people,” said Randy Z, Co-Founder of Cultivate Culinary.

Cultivate Culinary is a catering and culinary school for at risk individuals in South Bend. Randy says he saw a need that wasn't being met.

"It’s amazing, I am in the trenches of this every day. Not just around the holiday season and the amount of food that's wasted is mind blowing."

Since last July when Cultivate Culinary opened, they have rescued over 55,000 pounds of food.

"70-percent of what comes out of this kitchen is food rescued from Nelsons Catering, the University of Notre Dame, the Century Center and we rescue from fresh thyme in our market. Its food that's been donated but it’s never been served,” Randy said.

Volunteers package the fresh food and add what's needed to make a well balanced microwaveable meal.

"All this food that we get are made by some of the best chefs in the area so it’s a high quality product its very low on sodium,” said Randy.

The meals are then passed out to local organizations in need at no cost.

"When you meet these organizations St. Margaret's House, Hope, Monroe Circle that we partner with and you see the need that they have it's like I have to really get serious about this,” Randy said.

Each meal costs Cultivate Culinary about 70-cents which comes from local donations and grants.

"The need is there it is there, it’s out there every single day,” he said.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can visit their website at

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