Moms First: Penn Girls Soccer ranked number 1 in the country

Penn girls soccer // WSBT 22 photo

Penn High School Girls soccer doesn't just have the locals talking. The Kingsmen are making national headlines as the number one ranked team in the country.

The 65 young ladies that play on the team are made up of talent and a lot of teamwork.

Captain Alexis Scott says now, they have to prove they are number one.

"It means a lot but it this point it's just a label we have to live up to what we got labeled before the season gets started,” said Scott.

Head coach Jeff Hart says being named number one in the country by hasn't changed the way they play.

"It's exciting we don't run from it, it's an indication that the kids in the program are doing a lot of the right things we obviously understand that we have high-level detail and we have great depth,” said Hart.

With three nationally ranked players like Brooke Vandyck-- who is a junior and has already committed to play soccer at the University of Notre Dame-- the talent on the field is everywhere.

"It's an unbelievable experience we have high-end players were able to push each other each and every day to get better and to work harder and each of us or make each other better,” said Vandyck.

Coach Hart says success tends to build on itself and now younger players are wanting to get in on the action.

As 2016 State Champs the team is hoping for a repeat, but win or lose, these ladies are learning valuable life lessons on and off the field.

The team is even winning in the classroom with a grade point average of 3.8.

Their next game is August 23 at 6 p.m. versus Mishawaka. This is an away game.

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