Moms First: Royal Excursion helping families in need this Christmas season

Royal Excursion helping families in need this Christmas season. // WSBT 22 photot

‘Tis the season of giving! One local company is taking that phrase to heart and helping many families in need this upcoming Christmas season.

It's called a Royal Christmas because the Mishawaka-based company Royal Excursion is really rolling out the red carpet for about a dozen families in need this holiday season.

"We have several buses that just sit there throughout Christmas day, so we said let’s do a Royal Christmas on Christmas day,” said Shannon Kaser.

Kaser, owner of Royal Excursion, came up with the idea last year to help about a dozen families in need.

"So we have staff that donate part of their checks. We have a driver that's a Santa. We have a driving Santa. We have plenty of room for volunteers as many as the bus can hold,” said Kaser.

The families selected will be greeted Christmas morning with a Royal bus and receive food, toys, housewares and clothes.

"Christmas is a time where some people are lonely and can't help out their loved ones to bring that extra cheer. If we can help one family, if we can help several people,” said Kaser.

Kaser says a committee selects the winners, but the Royal Christmas is open to anyone here in Michiana.

"People can go on our Facebook page and nominate their family or friend or coworker and just someone who has a rough year and needs some help,” said Kaser.

After all, this is what the season is truly about according to Kaser, caring and sharing.

"Sometimes giving is better than receiving. We have many people within our organization and in our community, so it gives them an opportunity to give as well," said Kaser.

If you or someone you know would like to submit a request to be chosen for a Royal Christmas, the deadline is next Wednesday at 5 p.m.

For more information, click here.

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