Moms First: Senior photos taking a unique turn

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High School Senior pictures aren't what they use to be.

The old cap and gown is being traded in for more sophisticated fashion forward photo shoots.

Teens don’t want to be uniform they don’t want to be like everyone else-- that's why senior photos are getting more in depth and more elaborate.

"It’s about the experience its coming in and having a once in a lifetime experience,” said Photographer, Amy J. Reinert.

Reinert has been doing photography for seven years and hopes to inspire seniors to be unique in their photos.

"They want something different out of the box and when you make that connection with the client it's all about how comfortable you feel the photographer and whether they are going to be able to tell your story,” she said. "It's boosting their self-confidence. They feel like a supermodel for the day when they walk in the door it's all about them."

Reinert says finding the right photographer who is creative and understands your senior's personality is key.

There's more options than ever before between canvases, photo albums, books, and even videos. Senior photos are becoming keepsakes as a major milestone from teens to adulthood.

"It's almost like freezing that moment in time especially for the parents as well,” Reinert said.

Portrait photography is big business in the United States, the industry reached more than $3-billion back in 2013 according to IBISWorld, a market research firm.

They estimate about one-third of portrait photography is made up of the high school senior market.

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