Moms First: U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball to be held in Niles


It's the official birthday of the United States Marine Corps November 10. Every year there's a traditional birthday ball.

After Don Kennedy, who served two tours of duty with the Marines in Iraq, returned to his hometown in Niles he felt somewhat disconnected to his fellow servicemen and women.

But he's hoping to change all that by honoring them with the first ever Marine Corps Birthday Ball held in Niles.

"That's one thing that you miss the most that close tight bond of the people that you served with,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy is planning the first ever Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Niles.

"Marine Corps has a model that once someone is a Marine they are always a Marine. So well we may not be as formal as a ball-- we want to have a gathering, a birthday event to have that same kind of camaraderie and remember the people that are not with us,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy's wife Melanie says they hope to sell out all 150 tickets.

"Everyone's invited. Obviously marines, any veterans of any other branches of military, their spouses, parents, mother, children-- it's open to the public because it is a fundraiser,” said Melanie.

She says the event, which will take place at the Grand LV downtown Niles, honors all the men and women who have served. Don says he hopes the celebration will be successful enough to make it an annual event.

All the proceeds raised from The Marine Corps Birthday Ball will go to the Raider Project-- that helps veterans transition from active military service to civilian life with lots of services.

For tickets to the event visit their EventBrite Page.

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