Some South Bend students to get cash for high score on exams

Imagine getting cash for passing a test in school. Well, next year a local school will do just that.

It's called the Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program for Indiana, also known an AP-TIP IN.

Students at Washington High School in South Bend can earn $100 per advanced placement course they take and score a 3 or higher.

Their goal is to encourage more students to take AP classes and do well.

Nathan Glaser, a junior at Washington High School in South Bend couldn't be happier about the possibility of earning $100.

"I really think this is going to put Washington on the map. If I pass it's nice to get the $100 it looks good on my college application, and then it gets it out of the way," said Glaser.

The goal is to increase AP enrollment and increase performance on those exams.

"We start with a GPA, but then we use teachers' recommendations and we encourage those students to enroll to participate in course offerings," said Principal Byron Sanders.

Another bonus for students, besides the money, is the potential to test out of some college courses based on the AP exam score.

"I think it's a really good idea and I think that it will motivate those kids to take those harder classes if they are scared too," said Mariah Smith, a senior. "We were going to take the classes anyway but to have $100 if we pass it, it would be really nice. A lot of people are really looking forward to it."

Teachers are being provided with training from Notre Dame over the summer to help provide support to students during the school year.

"We need to make sure that our students are very well informed of the opportunities that are being presented to them at Washington School the second challenge is making sure that students believe in themselves," said Sanders.

The money at Washington is being funding by the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County and the African-American Community Fund. Students say any money received will go towards a goal - college.

The cash bonus isn't just for students.

Advanced Placement teachers at Washington can earn $500 and an additional $1,000 if at least 90 percent of their class takes the AP exam next fall.

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