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    Center for Hospice Care serves northern Indiana.
    Center for Hospice Care
    Hospice House
    111 Sunnybrook Court
    South Bend, Indiana 46637

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    What We Do

    Hospice Care

    Patients are usually referred to Hospice by their physicians. However, referrals also can be made by family members, friends, clergy, hospital social workers, discharge planners or others. Patients and families are encouraged to call Center for Hospice Care directly – whether or not they have a physician referral – to seek advice and information at any time during their illness.

    If it is believed that hospice care would be beneficial, the Center for Hospice Care admissions team will work closely with all the appropriate people to help facilitate a referral and admission to our program. Meetings to discuss each patient’s unique needs can be arranged at a time and place that is convenient for family.

    Palliative Care

    If a patient has made the choice to pursue aggressive or life-extending treatment for a progressive or incurable illness, and desires pain management or symptom control at home, Palliative Care may be the right choice at this time.

    Specialty Programs for Hearts, Lungs & Dementia

    Center for Hospice Care has developed three innovative programs to help meet the needs of our patients. HeartWize for advanced heart disease, BreatheEasy for COPD, and our DementiaCare Program each address the unique needs of patients affected by these diseases. End stage heart disease, lung disease, and dementia now comprise over half the diagnoses of all CHC patients. Each of these programs includes the use of emotional, spiritual, and complementary approaches to care as appropriate in addition to family support.

    Grief & Bereavement Services

    Center for Hospice Care offers a variety of bereavement programs to educate and support people experiencing grief following the loss of someone through death. Bereavement programs are available at no charge to anyone in the agency's service area. No prior relationship with Center for Hospice Care is needed to access our grief and bereavement services.

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