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Polack Realty - Senior Living Show

Polack Realty, South Bend Real Estate Agency with 4.9% Commission

Polack Realty

3030 S Michigan St, South Bend, IN 46614

Phone: 574-299-2000

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Working with the Polack Realty team is like working with friends–only better. They happen to be outstanding real estate professionals too. They listen carefully, treat you like one of their own and help you successfully buy or sell your home. Quickly!


One of the benefits of working with Polack Realty is their 4.9% commission rate. The average sales commission rate most real estate agents receive when selling a home is much higher. So, the question is: Why pay more when you could be saving thousands?

They are so confident in their ability to sell homes—and sell them quickly—that they have made the commission rate lower for their clients. Significantly lower. How do you benefit? Besides saving you a lot of money you could certainly use elsewhere, you can trust that you are in the right hands with Polack Realty. Their history, experience, capabilities and proven expertise in the local real estate market mean they do their job right. But most importantly, they bring passion to what they do and they care about you.

Polack Realty's low commission rate simply can’t be beat, and the benefits to being a small, independently owned and operated, no-frills company they can pass onto you—their neighbors and friends.

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