SICK WATCH: Poison Ivy time


You may start scratching if you get near poison ivy.

It's very common right now.

The oil from the leaves is what causes that reaction.

It gets on your skin, your clothes, even your dog or cat, and when you touch it, if you're allergic, you end up with that awful, itchy rash.

"If you do get a mild case of poison ivy, you want to make sure that you wash your body, take a shower, take a bath to make sure you've removed all the oil, and after that, it won't spread to other parts of your body from the rash once you remove the oil," advised Family Medicine Dr. Dale Patterson. "Then, you can use an over-the-counter topical steroid to help with the itching and the rash."

Washing with cool water might be better, since it won't open your pores as much. Wash any clothes that might have the oil on them.

Dr. Patterson also says if you get poison ivy in your eyes, that can be serious, and you should see a doctor.

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