SICK WATCH: Swimmer's ear


This is the season for swimmer's ear.

With kids hitting the pool and "in and out" of the water all day, they may develop an infection called 'swimmer's ear.'

It's an infection in the outer ear canal.It happens when water stays in the ear canal, the perfect environment for germs to grow.

"Probably the most important thing to help after swimming is to try and dry out your child's ear by having them tilt their head and get the water to drain out into a towel," said pediatrician Dr. Maged Ibrahim.

Symptoms of swimmer's ear include itchiness, redness and swelling of the ear, and pain.

Most cases are treated with antibiotic ear drops.

Doctors say one thing to avoid before swimming -Don't use a Q-tip on your child's ear. The wax helps protect against ear infections.

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