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Cyber Security experts warn companies against hackers

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Cyber security experts are warning local companies to be cautious of hackers.

A new report reveals a major industry is a budding target. It says the online thieves are masters of what's called ransom-ware.

This is a national problem, as well as, a local problem.

A new report reveals the manufacturing industry is being targeted.

Hackers often have one goal in mind.

"They'll send you some sort of demand. Please pay us $100, $1000, it might depend on a particular institution but almost always the goal is to make money,” said Notre Dame Computer Science Professor, Aaron Striegel.

Ransomware is when a computer hacker hijacks data from another computer. They're often blindsided when they're told to pay money to get the data back.

"They've been targeting intentionally businesses trying to get as much data as they can, and of course because its critical for your business to run you're probably going to pay up and they've been very successful,” said Striegel.

A new report says the manufacturing industry is a target. With the RV business thriving in Elkhart, the Chamber of Commerce President, Kyle Hannon, takes the matter very seriously.

"It's really important for our companies to do what they can to make it not profitable for the bad guys to get in,” said Hannon.

Experts say that cyber security is a complex issue. Though the online world is ever-changing, they say there are a few precautions companies can take.

“So making sure you have firewall, antivirus scanners, you might be outsourcing perhaps contacting with a local company to help secure your enterprise and above all make sure your data is backed up," said Striegel.

Other industries at risk include government and financial firms.

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The Chamber of Commerce holds workshops to educate and deter these criminals.

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