Elkhart County employers continue to worry about 2.4 percent unemployment rate

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At 2.4 percent, Elkhart County's unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the state.

Hearing that you could think it's a good thing, but for companies it can be worrisome.

That's why over 12 local companies attended WorkOne's Job Fair Wednesday.

With the holiday season upon us, businesses are feeling that worker shortage. So, they're using any avenue they can to find skilled workers.

Factories are full of workers throughout Elkhart County, but leaders of those companies say it's not enough workers-that's where WorkOne comes in.

"While there may be a shortage, that's why we are here-- to help remedy that, to help fix that, to connect these businesses that need people and these people that need jobs and helping make that connection and this good relationship,” said WorkOne Spokesperson, Tom Haeussler.

Making connections is what the fair is all about.

"We've been getting a lot of good candidates who i think have a lot of potential so we are very excited about,” said Bill Pittman with Alliance Sheets Team.

Pittman says it's the toughest work environment he's ever seen. But companies have to go out of their way to look for the right people.

"You have to be willing to look at someone and find those diamonds in the rough for a little bit. Someone who has maybe had a couple of bad breaks at some jobs recently but impresses you as someone who would make the most out of the next opportunity. Projects so to speak,” said Pittman.

150 people showed up.

One of those was Christina Eggers. She's looking for a job in graphic design, but has been unemployed for nearly two months.

"It is very tough. Especially when you have two kids at home and Christmas is coming up," said Eggers.

She says she is feeling hopeful.

"Patience is a virtue so you got to just hang in there and wait for the right opportunity,” Eggers said.

Haeussler says if one person gets a job, the fair will be considered a success.

"If we are able to help one person, we're helping them, we're helping their families and furthermore we are helping the community,” said Haeussler.

WorkOne holds job fairs when they get a rash of companies saying they need workers.

There is another job fair set up Thursday in Plymouth. It's from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Plymouth Weslyean Church.

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