Elkhart East Industrial Park project underway to bring in new development


It’s a dilemma facing Elkhart County. Companies that want to set up shop in the county are having a tough time finding a place to locate their plant.

A new project is going up at a 110-acre site, just north of the Indiana Toll Road and west of County Road 17. It’s known as the Elkhart East Industrial Park.

The project comes at a time when industrial space for businesses is at a premium. The park is being developed by the Northland Corporation.

“We felt that this year, because of demand and low vacancy rates, that it would be a good time to begin construction of the Elkhart East Industrial Park. We are filling a need and basically when we are done with our development, constructions sites will be shovel ready,” said Rob Letherman.

As part of the project, they are building a 40,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse facility that will be for sale or lease. It should be completed by the end of this month.

They have begun work to put up earthen berms around the project and are working to put in utilities.

“We have landscape features throughout the park. The end user will have certain architectural requirements landscaping requirements, to make sure that we maintain aesthetic, high aesthetic value throughout the parks,” said Letherman.

The Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County is very happy to see the project moving forward. It works to attract and retain business in the county and has found in recent times, that space can be limited to bring in new firms and businesses.

“The lack of shovel ready sites is an issue for all economic development entities. Elkhart County with our boom, with the way things have gone, our industrial land is "getting acquired and developed rapidly,” said Mark Dobson with the Economic Development Corporation.

Northland Corporation will gauge the economy next Spring to see if two additional phases will be added to the industrial park.

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