From hobby to business: Granger mom starts 'Pretzee Co.'

The Pretzee Co.

A local mom turns her hobby of making candy in her kitchen into a thriving business.

A Granger woman says business is booming when it comes to her Pretzel candy company. She says this has been a great way for her to turn a favorite hobby of hers into extra cash for her family.

"It’s a party favor, a dessert, and it’s cute on the table and perfect for your party or tailgates," said Jen Grupp.

Grupp is talking about her handmade “pretzee’s.”

"My mom started making these at Christmas time and she started getting calls to make them for holidays, weddings-- one day I said let’s make a little easier and make a Facebook page for it,” she said.

While balancing work with motherhood, Grupp decided to turn her passion for baking into a sweet success.

She still has her day job but says Pretzee Co. has grown tremendously since they started the business just three years ago.

"I can't do this alone anymore and still enjoy it. So I asked a friend, her name is Jamie, to come on board and now we are partners. I’m in Granger, she’s in South Bend so we split orders depending on where the customer is,” Grupp said.

Balancing a second job and children comes with its challenges. According to Grupp, she makes her sweet treats when her daughter is asleep early in the morning or late at night.

"I work full time and I pick up my daughter from daycare and sometimes I am in the kitchen all night. It's hard not to feel guilty about missing out on bath time or story time but you have to remember that what you are doing is for them and it’s going to make you a better mom in the long run,” she said.

Grupp says she feels this is another positive way she can contribute to her family's future.

"I like that it brings an extra income in for my family and we don’t feel as guilty going against our budget whether it’s a Christmas present, home improvements, we have been a little bit more flexible.”

The Pretzee Co. does not pay for advertising. They say word of mouth and social media have been huge helpers in growing their business.

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