How to keep your financial resolutions in 2017


The year is coming to a close, and a new year means New Year's resolutions. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions has to do with money. Getting your finances in order is huge for most of us, so WSBT 22 went straight to the experts.

Their advice -- start by setting goals. Whether it's you want to eliminate debt or increase retirement savings. After you set those goals, tell somebody else so they can keep you accountable. Keeping track of your credit score is huge. is just one of the free websites you can use to check your credit report to see where you stand..

If it all seems too complicated or overwhelming, meeting with a financial adviser can help muddle through it. Experts say the bottom line is to be money savvy -- don't live above your means..

"I would say the most common mistake it's just spending more than you make," says Nick Vail, financial adviser with Integrity Financial. "People get into keeping up with the Joneses and they want to have the nice thing, even if they can't afford it, so number one you set a budget, don't spend more than you make."

If you have a credit balance over 50 percent of your available limit, it can affect your credit score. To get a better credit score, get it under 50 percent or eliminate it completely.

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