New Mishawaka-based business offers fast, healthy food


Mornings are busy for new business owners Anna Grcich and Nicole McKee.

"These are a couple orders that are going out to people later this afternoon," says Grcich as she opens a fridge filled with prepared foods.

The women are in the kitchen preparing zucchini and meatballs and Keto Pizzas.

"It is a low-carb pizza," describes Grcich.

The women own "The Wholesome Package," which is based out of Mishawaka. They started the custom meal prep company in 2016 and offer healthy pre-packaged meals that you can find at some gyms and coffee shops throughout the area.

"Our vision is to kind of have enough spots around town that we can make healthy. delicious food. just as available to the consumer as the fast food drive through window," says Grcich.

The ingredients they use are clean, wholesome, organic when possible and made for a variety of diets.

"Beautiful, real whole ingredients are what we use to make our meals," says McKee.

Their passion for healthy foods started long before their business idea...

Grcich's son Cayden was born at 27 weeks. He was 2 pounds with a grade 4 brain bleed.

"I remember asking the neurosurgeon, 'how is he even going to have enough brain matter to do anything?' and that is when she looked at me and said you need to accept the fact that he may not ever walk or talk," says Grcich.

Now, Cayden is a healthy, 7-year-old boy in second grade.

Grcich says that's a credit to the food she's been feeding him since he was a baby.

McKee watched her dad die of cancer. She learned through research how healthy foods can help lower the risk of the disease.

"It is hard to talk about him without getting emotional but he is the reason for this so I know he would be very proud," says McKee.

Starting The Wholesome Package was a natural step for McKee and Grcich.

"The quality of your food is a direct result of the quality of your life so we want everybody to live a good quality of life," says McKee.

Now they can offer the foods they believe in to everybody.

Check out their website:

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