USA Skate Center in Mishawaka closing its doors

    A long-time Mishawaka business is set to close for good.

    USA Skate Center will close its doors on June 8th.

    Owner Ken Wall says this was not an easy decision. He's considered closing for months.

    It's not because business is bad but he's ready to move in a new direction.

    Wall started the family business with his parents in 1975. Now, he says he'll retire and travel. Leaving behind a place he wasn't expecting to love.

    How does he measure four decades in business? Maybe in the generations of skaters or counted by the lessons learned.

    "I've taught thousands of kids how to skate, I'm the skating instructor and I've taught a lot of kids to skate. I can look out on the floor and see at least maybe half of the people. I taught them how to skate," said 14-year employee, Ray Sherman.

    Wall says up to a thousand people skate there each week. 700 skates will see their last ride on June 8th.

    "You become a part of it. You become involved in it," Wall said.

    The family owns the red, white and blue building but workers say it's their home too.

    "Absolutely terrible, I feel like I got shot in the heart. It was just really devastating," said Manager, Nathan Sherman.

    When the wheels stop rolling there's two things Wall will miss most: "The partypeople. I'm a people person."

    Wall says he expects they'll be really busy these next few weeks.

    The management tells me they've had no formal offers yet on the property.

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