Michigan governor candidate Bill Schuette talks taxes, jobs, and literacy changes

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This week we continue to profile candidates running for office in Michigan.

We sat down with current Attorney General Bill Schuette, who is the Republican candidate running for governor.

By now, you’ve probably seen Bill Schuette a lot.

For the Flint water investigations, Larry Nassar trials, and lately, the race for governor.

We wanted some answers from the Republican candidate about his plans for Michigan if he wins the gubernatorial race.

We’ve seen him on the debate stage, political ads, dueling press conferences, and other events, and his message is clear.

“Are we going forward, or are we going backward?” said Schuette. “We can’t afford to go back to the Lost Decade of Jennifer Granolm.”

He wants Michigan to steer clear of raising taxes, cutting jobs, and the recession that former Jennifer Granholm was in office for most of.

He says there’s a clear choice, what he calls ‘the paycheck agenda. ‘

Schuette also wants to tackle education –- especially literacy –- in areas where kids in Michigan consistently test below the national average.

He wants to appoint a literacy director to his cabinet, as well as grade schools A through F.

“We will reward those schools that are showing improvement and provide incentives for others, as well with grants for success in reading,” said Schuette.

Plus, the GOP candidate wants to offer reading camps in the summer to students.

But where will the money come for these programs and an added cabinet position?

“We will have the business community and those in the philanthropic area make investments into the Michigan reading foundation,” said Schuette.

Healthcare has become a divisive wedge in this race, with Schuette defending his position on covering pre-existing conditions around every corner.

With the Medicaid expansion, Schuette says he does stand by the work requirements implemented by the legislature this year.

“There are resources available for the chronically ill,” said Schuette.

His plans for education, healthcare, and everything else – he believes hangs on thing.

“there’s not one problem that wouldn’t be minimized if we had more people paying taxes, pumping gas and going to school,” said Schuette. “We’ve got to have a thriving economy in order to get all this stuff done.”

He also says he will tackle clean water issues in the state, with lead in flint or PFAs in communities around Michigan. What exactly that means will come after he wins the election.

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