Several big issues on Michigan ballots today


Voters are determining three big proposals in Michigan today.

One generating a lot of buzz is proposal one: the Marijuana Legalization Initiative.

Proposal 18.1 will allow individuals 21 and older to purchase and sell marijuana.

It will also allow a 10 ounce limit for marijuana, something opponents were upset about since states like Colorado and Nevada only allow 1 ounce.

It also supports enacting a tax on marijuana sales.

The city of Niles recently introduced an ordinance that could affect how this proposal moves forward there.

The ordinance would only allow businesses to sell pot if they have already applied for a state medical marijuana license.

Proposal 18.2 focuses on district boundaries.

If approved, this will create a commission of 13 registered voters, four of which self-identify with the Democratic or Republican parties.

The commission would be responsible for adopting the district boundaries for the Michigan Senate, Michigan House of Representatives and U.S. Congress every two years.

Previously this decision for districts was made by the Republican party after the 2000 and 2010 census.

Proposal 18.3, if approved, has to do with voting.

A yes vote supports adding eight voting policies to the Michigan Constitution -- including straight-ticket voting, automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no-excuse absentee voting.

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