Voters embrace long line at McKinley Primary

WSBT 22 photo

Lots of you have been calling us and commenting on social media about long wait times at the polls here in Michiana. Some called us to complain about the long wait at McKinley Primary Center in South Bend. At times this afternoon, it extended from the school hallway into the gym.

The poll inspector would only tell WSBT 22 News they have nine poll booths and three machines to read the ballots.

Voters WSBT 22 News talked to in line said they had to wait between 30 and 45 minutes to vote. Something Gabriela Winkler and Chris Growchow say is a small sacrifice for an important civic duty.

“You know, bite the bullet, it’s not that bad. Could be worse because I know out east people have been waiting all the way around city blocks, so this wasn’t bad at all," said Winkler. .

“And it’s not a bad place to meet people. I mean you might as well talk," Growchow added.

The two women say they were happy to meet new people, and say it's all worth it to make sure their vote is counted.

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