WATCH: Indiana's 2nd Congressional District: Walorski and Hall go head-to-head

Democrat Mel Hall is on the left, Republican Jackie Walorski is on the right

We are now less than one month away until you can cast your ballot in the November election.

We heard from candidates in two of Indiana's biggest races Monday.

WSBT 22 hosted the first debate between the two candidates in the Second District Congressional race.

Republican Jackie Walorski and Democrat Mel Hall went head-to-head Monday night.

From healthcare, immigration, where they stand on the controversial gun control, and covering questions on your tax dollars, candidate Mel Hall and Incumbent Republican Jackie Walorski heated up the floor with many of their differing opinions.

Both touted their opponent’s downfalls.

Representative Walorski talked about Hall's several year stint living in a prestigious hotel in Washington DC and that fact that he worked for a lobbyist.

Hall repeated that Representative Walorski is a career politician and hasn't spent enough time in her district speaking with you.

One area where they both seemed to somewhat agree is gun violence and what can be done to keep you and your children safe.

You can watch the entire debate in the video above.

The vote is four weeks from tomorrow, on November 6.


There is one thing that Walorski and Hall agree on: that solving the county's immigration issues will take bipartisan support.

The two also agree that families should be kept together.

Walorski says she has spoken out against family separation at the border, and Hall says families should be kept together.

Walorski says there is extreme rhetoric on both sides of the immigration issue -- she claims she is in the middle.

She says DACA children should be protected, but doesn't think eliminating ICE is a good idea.

She also says she strongly supports President Trump's proposal for a wall at the US-Mexico border.

Hall says he isn't sure if a border wall is the best idea and would like to examine all options.

He says immigration reform needs to be fair, practical and humane.

Both talked about how they feel about amnesty for the 11 to 12 million undocumented people already living here.

"I would say we need to make sure those that are on path, that they have a clear path," said Hall. "They have to be in front of the line. Part of the issues it takes to too long. They have to be at the front of the line."

"We’ve got to have a starting place before we can get to an end place. I've concentrated on being a part of that conversation on the start," said Walorski.


Each candidate stuck to their most common criticisms of each other. Both of them tried to make the other seem out-of-touch with voters.

Walorski repeated her accusations that Hall worked for a Washington DC law firm that lobbied for a pharmaceutical company.

She claims he lived at the Ritz Carlton hotel for years.

Hall insists he was never a lobbyist.

Hall criticized Walorski for not holding town hall-style meetings and being inaccessible to voters.

Walorski says she travels around and has an open door policy.


Walorski called herself a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Hall says he believes the majority of gun owners are law abiding -- including his son who is an avid hunter.

Walorski says she believes existing gun laws should be enforced, and congress should address gaps in mental healthcare.

She says she supported actions by Congress this past year to close gaps in the check system.

Hall says there should be more background checks for people with mental illness, and believes that if someone is convicted of a sex crime with a weapon they should not be allowed to own a weapon.

Both commented on how they feel about automatic weapons and bump stocks.

"I've always supported the banning of automatic weapons and those laws are on the books," said Walorski. "They should be enforeced and are being enforced. But when I look at additional bans, we have to have conversations across the aisle and decide the balance. I look at everything that comes in front of me and carefully consider, and ill continue to do the same."

"The bump stock or anything that turns a semi auto into an auto should be banned immediately," said Hall. "That has no place for us. That is not something we have to study. That is not something we have to think about. Something we have to go check with others. That should be banned right now."

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