Emergency Mess

Emergency Mess

A consolidated 911 dispatch center for Mishawaka, South Bend, and St. Joseph County was originally planned to open in 2015. After suffering setback after setback, the center has finally opened but is still facing many obstacles.

WSBT 22 has covered this story from the very beginning and is digging deeper into the problems the center is facing.

When you call 911 in St. Joseph County, will it be answered quickly and your emergency issues addressed right away?

The answer may be yes, but well-documented growing pains at the new consolidated dispatch center leave some people wondering if that's always the case.

Indiana law required the county to merge its four dispatch centers down to at least two or face losing significant state funding.

$17 million later, are we better off?

"First of all, I think the state put us in a difficult position by requiring us to do this. It felt like a solution in search of a problem,” said South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Dispatchers have complained of long hours and little time off, leading dozens of veteran dispatchers to quit.

New technology has been slow to come on board.

Training is taking 50-percent longer than many believe it should.

There are stories of emergency dispatches coming out too slowly or incorrectly.

It all leads up to an emergency mess.

How did we get here and where are we going?

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