Opioids: Innocent Paying the Price


The Opioid epidemic is touching nearly all of our lives. And the innocent are paying the price. Wednesday and Thursday at 6 - WSBT 22 News' Fact Finder Team exams the price the opioid crisis is taking.

Here are just a few stories that have been posted in the past week highlighting the innocent hurt in the opioid crisis:

This past week Rep. Jackie Walorski penned a bill called The Doctor Todd Graham Pain Management Improvement Act. It is named for the doctor shot and killed outside his St. Joseph County office by a man seeking opioid drugs for his wife. The bill get's it's first reading this week in congress.

Veterinarians and pharmacies across the country are reviewing cases in which dogs and cats have been injured on purpose. Their owners then "vet shop" to get their hands on pain medications intended for their animals.

A new Indiana program is targeting opioid addiction among mothers and newborns.

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