Coaching with Kerry: How to ease out of being upset

Kerry Geocaris

Do you ever have those moments when you get upset and you don't know why or can't get out of it?

WSBT 22 Life Coach Kerry Geocaris is here to help us turn things around quick.

Here are three simple questions you can ask yourself next time you find yourself upset or struggling.

"The first question is very simple, but often overlooked by adults and it's what do I need? We often forget about our basic needs, food, water, sleep, movement. When babies cry when they need something, adults do, too, and it usually comes in irritability or anger.

The second question is what is my body telling me? This is great for when you need to make a decision. Often times, our mind gets in the way but our body will never lie, so think about your choices and see how your body feels. If it's tensed and closed, it's probably not the right one. If it's more free and more relaxed, it's probably the right decision.

The third question to ask is are my thoughts and actions in alignment, so if I go for a walk but I think about how stressful my life is, I’m not going to feel better, so we have to think positive and do positive actions."

Kerry has more tips she is sharing in her weekly livestream, you can watch that on her Facebook page:

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