Eye on Health: Going beyond once-a-year- workplace checkups


With all the uncertainty about the future of health insurance, keeping up your health is becoming more important than ever.

Many employers use workplace clinics to let employees get their blood pressure, cholesterol and basic screening issues checked at least once a year.

In this month's Eye on Health, WSBT 22's Bob Montgomery looks at a system through Goshen Health that aims to go beyond these once-a-year workplace checkups.

Tiade Galvez, of South Bend, used to be a typical employee who went to her once-a-year health clinic just to get lower insurance premiums. That was until she had a bad skiing accident.

"I remember being at the bottom of the hill and instead of focusing on the damage that I had done, I was focusing on how are the paramedics going to get me up with my 200+ pounds. And so when I realize that I thought you really have to make some changes,” said Galvez.

That's when she remembered her own workplace, Goshen Health, had a full system available to employees called "Get Fit, Get Healthy."

It has nurses, dieticians, trainers and the like who can help guide your individual health journey all year long.

Joel Conrad runs Business Health Advantage at Goshen Health. He says the goal is to get employers on a two year approach.

"The first year you're going to find blips, you're going to find diabetics, we're going to find cancers. When one gentleman wasn't taking care of himself because he had an autistic son and in order for him to start taking care of himself he had to find resources for the son, and that's what we do,” said Conrad.

The efforts and their results are also shared directly with your doctor so everyone is in the know.

Conrad says, especially in today's competitive job environment, companies are finding they have to offer more than just a decent salary and basic insurance.

"But you give them a little bit more to say, 'We don't want you to leave, we want to help take care of you and your family,' that's what a lot of the facilities around here do,” said Conrad.

"Once I started Overall Wellness, I play with the children more often, I volunteer in the community, I was a youth leader for girls which I always wanted to do,” Galvez said.

Employees at companies who take advantage of these longer term approaches are able to see a health expert at no cost anywhere from two to 10 times a year. That's compared to regular insurance where it's once a year for a checkup with copays and out of pocket costs.

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