Keeping your skin protected in the bitter cold

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This weather isn't just a problem for our cars and water pipes. You need to take care of yourself, too.

These dangerously cold temps can really take a toll on our skin.

You've probably noticed your skin is dryer because of these harsh temperatures. Of course, you need to be moisturizing as much as you can to avoid that.

But there are more serious problems that can come from the cold.

Dr. Tina Kinsley with the South Bend Clinic says in these temps it takes less than half an hour for frostbite to set in.

Everyone needs to cover everything that could be exposed. She says the most common areas for frostbite are ears, fingers, nose and toes.

The first stage of it is frostnip-- that's when you have tiny red spots on the area. You'll have redness or pain.

Then frostbite can occur. That's more damaging. You'll have some blistering.

She says the best way you can prevent this from happening is protection and awareness.

"If you're going outside, make sure that you're coming in frequently enough that you rewarm so you don't want to spend hours and hours outside and come in and realize you have frostbite on your fingertips so come in get warm completely and go back out and do your thing,” said Dr. Kinsley.

She says if you do have those first stages of frostbite, the best thing to do is put the area in warm water.

If you still have changes to your skin that aren't going away, see a doctor.

She says if you have dry skin, try to find a thick, coating lotion-- the liquid ones aren't as moisturizing.

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