Moms First: Dairy or plant-based milk-- which is safer for your kids?

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From clean eating blogs to celebrity websites, ditching dairy is all the buzz-- but is it a safe trend for your kids?

The trend of a dairy-free diet seems to be the hot new craze but experts say that going dairy-free can have significant downfalls and health repercussions for your kids.

The national osteoporosis foundation recently conducted a study that found six out of 10 moms are decreasing dairy in their own diet which is trickling down into the kids.

“When kids are not drinking milk there often not getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D that's really needed for proper bone growth and they're not getting enough high-quality protein that's important for development and growth in general,” said Doctor Tonya Altmann.

Dr. Altmann says there can be serious health implications by switching to other forms of plant based milk.

"I think a lot of parents don't realize that when you compare dairy milk to other plant-based milks the nutrition just doesn't compare. Cow’s milk has 8g of high quality protein per glass and Almond milk has 1g of protein so if you're giving that to their child for breakfast they're not getting enough protein,” she said.

There has been some controversy surrounding kids with ADHD reducing dairy from their diet to help with behavior and concentration.

"A child with ADHD or ADD and they're not getting enough protein which is so important to help them focus and concentrate during the day at school,” Dr. Altmann said.

She recommends adding dairy into foods like oatmeal and fruit smoothies.

"Let them see you making healthy choices you want to incorporate dairy into your familys,” said Dr. Altmann.

She recommends to add two or three servings of dairy every day into your child's meals.

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