Moms First: Free eye exams for incoming Kindergartners


Kids across Michiana are heading back to school this week and next-- and part of the back to school process are health exams.

The South Bend Clinic has been doing free eye exams all summer long. Any child that is going into Kindergarten this Fall is eligible and for many local families this is a huge help.

Derek Gross came to the South Bend Clinic with his 5-year-old daughter Lily in hopes of getting her one step closer to Kindergarten.

“The South Bend Clinic offers free screenings so we are taking advantage of that and getting her in before school starts tomorrow,” said Gross.

Before entering Kindergarten all students are required to have eye exams, so South Bend Clinic is offering them free to every child.

"They are transitioning into school and you want them to start on their best foot. You do a screening to check and see if they need glasses and if they do we bring them back another time,” said Optometrist Dr. Marcia Suvelza.

Dr. Suvelza says it’s a quick and easy test.

“We check their visions, do a quick prescription check, eye alignment, look at the external heath of the eyes to make sure the pass the requirements to start Kindergarten,” said Dr. Suvelza.

She says signs that your child may need glasses can be subtle.

"A lot of times parents will notice the child is having a hard time seeing far away-- they may be squinting sometimes eye turn if they are rubbing their eyes have it checked out make sure nothing is going on aggravating that,” she said.

The South Bend Clinic says they are doing up to five free screenings each day.

"It's great they offer free services especially for kids going into Kindergarten makes it a lot easier on the parents,” Gross said.

The free vision screenings are being offered to any child entering kindergarten until October 1.

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