After 90 years South Bend's Hibberd Building gets new life

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There's a new space to both live and work in downtown South Bend. Friday was the grand opening of the Hibberd Building.

There's a lot of history behind that building. It was built in 1926 and was the home of the Hibberd Printing Company.

The offices of Epoch Architecture and Planning are a mix of old and new.

"refurbished and brought back to life. Cracks and all," said Kyle Copelin, epoch architecture and planning owner.

Copelin helped bring the Hibberd Building back to life and decided to put his offices inside.

"In order to figure out where we need to go, it's good to know where we were and the people who came before us."

Meaning the Hibberd family name will live on.

"My father owned a third of this building,” said Robert Clarke Bassett, great, great grandson of Charles B. Hibberd. “My grandmother owned a third of this building. If they would know today that it’s a vibrant living organism in South Bend. They’d be smiling.”

Bassett saw the building a few years ago when windows were broken and the inside needed a lot of work.

Now it's filled with 14 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail space.

“I’m so thrilled that I can’t say enough positive things,” said Bassett.

Mark Neal is the developer behind the changes.

He says it's an exciting time to be downtown, and that the building deserved a $6 million project.

"It was really about doing the right thing for this building,” said Neal. “It's been here for almost 100 years. We'd like to think it should be here for at least another 100."

Right now about half of the first floor retail space is taken up by the architecture firm and a hair salon.

There is still a restaurant space and a boutique space available.

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