UPDATE: Missing South Bend child found, mother arrested

Police detain a person of interest and kids at a BP gas station in South Bend. // Photo provided by Robert Franklin with the South Bend Tribune

A missing boy is back home Thursday safe and sound.

His mother is in the St. Joseph County Jail.

Police say Areca Gyuriak took her son, John, out for the day and didn't come back.

She doesn't have legal custody of him.

Areca hasn't been formally charged yet.

She's in the St. Joseph County Jail on suspicion of possession of an unlawful syringe.

But the Special Victims Unit is still investigating. Charges haven't been officially filed yet.

Police say they're just glad everyone is OK.

"He's good. We’ve checked him out. No medical problems and he seems like nothing was wrong," said Captain Ross Uitdenhowen, St. Joseph County Police Department.

When John Gyuriak arrived home Thursday afternoon, you might not have known that the whole county was out looking for him just a couple hours before.

Police say, his mom, Areca, took him out for a visit.

"And I think that was a prolonged stay that she had and that’s what caused concern and then just some of her behavior," said Uitdenhowen.

Uitdenhowen says that concern pushed officers to declare an Amber Alert around 6 Thursday morning.

"You would have to feel that the individual was in danger by the person that’s taking them," said Uitdenhowen.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office could not tell us why Gyuriak doesn't have custody of her son anymore.

But she has a few felonies to her name, including theft and resisting a police officer.

John's family and police are just grateful he's safe.

"Without the community’s involvement and the amber alert coming out and that whole system, who knows what could have happened," said Tanja Lake, John's aunt.

"We can’t thank you enough. To take the time to look around and even be aware of your surroundings and spot that and be curious enough to at least call," said Uitdenhowen.

WSBT 22 talked to a gas station employee where John was picked up.

He says the little boy picked out candy and didn't really seem bothered by anything.

John's family says he's a friendly, happy little boy and he's doing fine.

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