Are you ready for winter driving? Here are some tips


Frigid, snowy weather is just around the corner, and with that comes with a riskier drive.

So how do you know if your tires are ready for the slick roads?

All you have to do is reach into your pocket or purse and pull out a quarter. This allows you to do the tread depth test. You just put the quarter upside down in the grove of your tire. If you can easily see the top of Washington's head in the tire, it's time to get some new ones.

If the tread depth is enough, Washington's head will be easily covered..

Those working at Tire Rack say something else important to check before you hit the road during the winter is air pressure in your tires.

Get this -- as temperatures cool down, air pressure in your tires goes down too.

We're told it's a pound for every 10° in temperature difference.

So if you checked your air pressure of it was 70° outside and then we have a 30° day, air pressure is down 4 pounds.

Watch a report from WSBT 22's Alex Elich in the video above for more tips.

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