Area shelters in need as animal intakes increase


All you animal lovers out there--listen up! Area animal shelters are in need of your help.

They have an influx of animals. Cats and kittens especially, and they need to eat. They need cans of pate style food.

The shelter uses them to feed kittens that are starting to wean off the bottle but aren't ready for hard food yet.

Right now, there are over 450 cats at the Humane Society of St. Joseph County. During the Fall they usually see the increase in cats because they've been out breeding all summer long, or people are more likely to bring them to the shelter when the colder weather hits.

The pate style food is also helpful in feeding dogs their medicine to make little meatballs.

These donations are vital to the shelter.

"We use it every single day. When we have more animals we go through more of those products so right now, we're completely full especially for cats so we're going through a lot of that if we don't get it donated that we have to go out and buy it and that takes funds away from the medicine and everything else that we need to care for the animals here at the shelter,” said Director, Genny Carlson.

They're not the only animal organization that needs help. South Bend Animal Care and Control made a Facebook post that they need cat litter.

If you want to donate, you can put food in barrels just outside or bring it inside.

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