Association announces plans for facility in Elkhart County to help train more RV repairmen

Association announces plans for facility in Elkhart County to help train more RV repairman. // WSBT 22 photo

It's a challenge many in the RV industry are facing. As companies grow, it's harder to fill available jobs.

Then there's who will repair the vehicles.

A training center for those techs is coming to Elkhart.

It’s a situation many RV repair companies are seeing. There's a shortage of skilled RV repairmen.

This is as the RV industry is now selling more than a half a million units each year.

Ron Duncan, who runs an RV repair shop in Elkhart, knows firsthand the need for more trained technicians.

“There’s a very shortage of qualified people right now the industry. It self and repair facilities, the people are getting up in age,” said Duncan.

To meet the current and future needs of RV repair shops, the RVIA, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association has announced plans for a multi-million dollar facility in Elkhart County to help train more RV repairmen.

It plans to build the RV technical institute with a world class RV technician curriculum.

It will feature digital textbooks, video and other high tech teaching tools.

As envisioned, it will instruct new and existing RV technicians.

“With RV shipments at record levels, with RV popularity being at an all-time high, service and repairs take on increasing importance in the RV industry,” said Kevin Broom, RVIA.

The RVIA spent a lot of time looking into this.

“With input from everybody throughout, the industry decided that the best approach would be to establish this RV technical institute,” said Broom.

“It’s very, very needed and the sooner they do it the better it’s going to be,” said Duncan.

The initial cost to set up the RV technician center will be $10 million.

Work to get it up and running will be done over the next three years.

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