Backyard ice skating rink in Granger could spark legal battle

Backyard ice skating rink in Granger could spark legal battle. // WSBT 22

Ice skating and hockey in your own backyard sounds like a winter dream come true.

But one family could be facing legal action for their little rink.

The Gingerich's in Granger got a letter from a law firm.

Dave and Richelle Gingerich say they built this rink for their kids and all the youngsters in their neighborhood.

Then they got a letter from an attorney who represents their homeowners’ association.

The association wants it taken down.

Neighbors say that's not fair.

"Its a lot of smiles on their faces, having lots of fun. We were out the other day and it was like 2 degrees and the cold didn't matter to them at all. They were out there having fun, skating hard and just having a blast with each other," said Dave.

Dave is originally from Canada, he used to play pond hockey as a kid.

He and his neighbors and some friends wanted to do the same with their kids.

"Give them something to do rather than just having them indoors," said Shane Demitruc, a dad in the neighborhood.

Gingerich lives in the Copperfield subdivision in Granger, there's a homeowners association there.

"My wife did request that there was a meeting and then they kind of said there were other processes that we have to go through and they were reviewing, but they never came back and set up that meeting to have with us," said Dave Gingerich.

So Gingerich and the other dads took things into their own hands.

They say they asked the whole neighborhood if they were OK with the rink.

"About 95 percent of the people in the neighborhood have just overwhelming support for it and love the idea and like I said it’s something for the kids to do in the winter instead of just sitting around being bored," said Demitruc.

Then the day after Christmas the Gingerichs got a letter telling them to take the rink down.

The letter cites the covenants of the homeowner's association, that say new structures can't be built without association permission.

It also reminds the Gingerichs that, quote, "no above ground pools are allowed on any lot in the Copperfield Subdivision."

WSBT 22 reached out to the Association President, he referred us to the association's attorney.

We haven't heard back from her.

Gingerich says the lawyer is not following the right procedures.

"It should go through a process of a letter from the secretary saying you're not in compliance and then it should be a follow up letter from the president and then it goes to the lawyers," said Gingerich.

"It seems to me like it’s become personal for the board members because they're the only ones that have said no," said Demitruc.

Gingerich also told WSBT 22 there's no risk of liability for the homeowners’ association.

He says his own insurance covers that and he even upped it to cover any additional risk.

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