Bayer announces plans to close its last Michiana location, leaving 200 without jobs

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    200 people will be losing their jobs in Mishawaka after pharmaceutical giant Bayer announced the closing of its office there.

    Employees were told Tuesday afternoon the jobs are being moved.

    The company has had a presence in our area for close to 50 years.

    Bayer purchased Elkhart-based Miles Laboratories back in 1979. The company has slowly moved operations out of the area.

    The Mishawaka office was its last.

    Bayer Pharmaceuticals, best known as the creator of aspirin, is saying goodbye to Mishawaka.

    The company announced it would be closing its customer logistics center, putting 200 people out of work.

    “This comes as a little bit of a shock to us,” said Dave Wood, Mayor of Mishawaka.

    Mishawaka's mayor says he's been working with the company on expanding in the area and says the decision to leave will have a big impact.

    “It’s 200 families here that are impacted directly,” said Wood. “When you think about all the people that they touch, all the places that they do business with, there will be an impact for sure.”

    Employees took the news especially hard.

    One worker who wanted to remain anonymous telling us "It's pretty devastating to all of us."

    They went on to say, "Everyone is quite shaken."

    “We believe this move will help reduce complexity, improve efficiency and enhance customer service,” said Chris Loder, Bayer spokesperson.

    The company says it realizes how difficult this decision will be for its 200 employees.

    It says it's looking to streamline processes and move towards an "integrated global organization,” but the company wouldn't say where those jobs would be going.

    The Bayer office was the company's last physical presence in our area.

    It will take a year and half for the company to fully move out -- leaving workers behind.

    “They may be buying houses, they might be thinking about expanding their families and working at a growing company and all the sudden a day like today hits and it can change your life,” said Wood.

    Loder says all employees will receive severance benefits.

    They also said that other offices in Indiana won't be affected.

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