Benton Harbor adding new security features to keep students safe


Making their schools safer..

The Benton Harbor school board will be adding safety features to some of their schools and soon.

The board is updating security in their district.

Keeping the students safe.

The district is bringing back metal detectors for three of their schools as soon as next week.

Benton Harbor high school, Dream academy and Arts and Communication Academy will each get two standing metal detectors.

Along with detector wands for people who enter the building.

The district says they were first removed because they weren’t working properly.

Now they’re back up and running.

Interim Superintendent says now it’s time to inform the community.

“We do have to Communicate with our parents and communicate with the community that this is going to be our next step. So that’s going to be coming out soon. But also put postings up and letting community that as they walk in our buildings they will be walking through a metal detector," said Patricia Robinson.

The district will continue to look at the security features recommended by a study done on the schools.

They board also planned to discuss a resolution for school gun safety tonight.

But they postponed that for a future meeting.

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