Benton Harbor school board meets after shocking allegations by former head football coach

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A heated school board meeting in Benton Harbor Monday after shocking allegations by the former head football coach.

Monday, that coach came face-to-face with board members after publicly blasting the school district.

He resigned Friday, but his troubles might just be starting.

The board filed complaints against the coach.

The board presented former coach Elliot Uzelac with three complaints after he spoke out against two school board members in an interview with the Herald Palladium.

The coach resigned last Friday after saying the district is "beyond hope."

Stacked classrooms, ill-supervised students and teacher shortages are among the issues Coach Elliot Uzelac highlighted in a recent newspaper article. An article that angered the board.

The article also discussed teachers issuing more than 1,000 failing grades to more than 500 students. The board filed a complaint against the coach for airing student information.

The two other complaints include accusations against board member President Marletta Seats and board member Lisa Gulley.

Here's what they had to say:

"I've never had a conversation with Coach Uzelac. Not ever,” said Gulley.

“Every statement Coach Uzelac said except for what I said about my grandkids is a totally blatantly a lie,” said Seats

Uzelac's attorney responded to the boards comments.

"He stands by it today. There's not going to be any evidence given to this board today. We've got it. You want to go that right. We will go that route. Absolutely. Bring it."

Uzelac and his attorney left after making their statement.

They wouldn't do an on-camera interview.

The board attorney will look at the evidence that was brought Monday.

He says they will decide when if they want to take Uzelac to court within the next 30 days.

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